Bobby OreHarry Wowchuk

Bobby has worked as a stunt driver for over 15 years in the entertainment industry.









Jim Wilkey (DGA / SAG / Stuntmen's Association Member)Jim Wilkey Headshot

Jim has worked as a stunt man and driver for over 28 years in the entertainment industry.








Olivia SummersOlivia Summers

Hollywood is full of talented and beautiful women but Olivia Summers has a little something different. This exotic beauty of East Indian and Hungarian descent is an actress and also one of Hollywood’s top female Stunt Drivers.

Olivia’s high performance driving can be seen in Judd Apatow's upcoming film, Bridesmaids, as well
as numerous film and television shows including Transformers, Oceans 13, Desperate Housewives,
24 and CSI Miami, and in over 30 high-profile, national commercials.

Upon her arrival in Hollywood, Olivia quickly landed acting roles in a string of films, including, The
Deep End of the Ocean, alongside Michelle Pfeifer and Back by Midnight (Rodney Dangerfield’s last
film). Last season on Showtime's Weeds, Olivia landed the recurring role as "Orange Julia" opposite
Elizabeth Perkins, as well as the socialite "Carole Hillcroft" on CSI NY.

Olivia is used to hard work in challenging conditions. She was raised in Toronto, Ontario, where the
cold Canadian winters created opportunities for Olivia to begin honing her driving skills with
competitive snowmobiling and jet-skiing in the summer, alongside her three brothers and sister.

As a young woman, she pursued her love of the arts and dancing. She accepted a full scholarship to
train with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York and she soon found herself dancing in
music videos alongside some of the biggest names in music – including Madonna and Diana Ross.

Olivia trained with prominent improv theatrical groups including The Groundlings and The Second
City, as well as many well-respected acting coaches in the business.

In her free time, Olivia is a driving instructor at Bobby Ore’s Motion Picture Stunt Driving School. One
of the highlights of her day is helping the students perform a perfect 180, as well as sliding a car into
a box at a 90 degree angle.

Olivia Summers is serious high octane with powerful skills, all wrapped up in an attractive package.

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